A New Chapter

I’m in a rut, seeking a new passion to occupy me for this next chapter of my life.  Unfortunately, practicing law for 32 years was all-consuming and, ultimately, less than satisfying.  In my over three decades of lawyering, all the hobbies and interests I had in my younger days fell by the wayside.  Further, having no spouse and no living parents, there are no family ties to distract me or keep me tied to one place.  In the words of Alice Merton, “I’ve got no roots!”

I’m searching for a new passion to inspire me.   Right now, I feel like I’m “doing time” until that inspiration hits.  Since I retired in March 2018, I’ve been spending time rekindling old hobbies: built a dollhouse; completed the Lego Creator (Expert) Parisian Restaurant and Mini Cooper; and built a small coffee house display.  Fun, right?  Unfortunately, I have limited space in my little condo, so there is a limit to how much I can build!


Dollhouse made from the Greenleaf Victorian Farmhouse kit.  It took a long time to build and, I am not exactly thrilled with it.  Moreover, it’s huge: 36x24x36! I need a whole room for this completed kit!


Lego Creator Expert Parisian Restaurant.  This is ridiculously cute.  It has three levels, including a restaurant on the bottom floor, an apartment, and an artist’s garret.  I previously build the Taj Mahal, but this kit is my favorite!

Lego Creator Expert Mini Cooper.  Being a Mini Cooper owner, I bought this kit on a whim.  It was a fun build and comes with a picnic basket, blanket and water jug (which I keep in the boot).  The completed kit looks a lot better than the picture.  I also built the Lego Creator Expert London double-decker bus and the Lego Apocalyseburg set (not as fun).   


I bought a Coffee shop kit to build from Amazon. The kit is from China and the instructions were really bad! It was a frustrating build and I would not order a kit from this company again. I had to get creative to make it work.

Now what?

I read an article where the author argued that one needs four things for an accomplished life. He claimed you need to first maximize your potential (physical, mental, & spiritual). I’m working on that daily.  Second, you should build, create, design (write books, draw, make music, build a house). I am doing that too.  Third, you need to live your own life (figure out your unique life purpose and follow your own path).  Well, there’s the rub. I don’t know what my unique purpose is yet.  Finally, he said you need to love others.

Next Steps

First, I  need to make a decision on if and when to move.  A recent article noted that Nevada is the state with the highest projected increase in home values for 2019 – i.e., 14.4%.  Seems like this might be a good year to leave Vegas, but since January 2019, prices have stagnated.  Moreover, there are a glut of condos for sale in my community and many with price reductions.  On the upside, my condo has been beautifully remodeled and I can still make a healthy profit selling now.  My realtor indicated that, with so many average condos for sale in my community, my upgraded unit should sell quickly.  I told him I will make a decision by April. (Winter and early spring weather are nice in Vegas, so I might as well enjoy it…). 

Second, I need to focus on the creative writing course I enrolled in at Udemy.  In my youth, my passion was writing fiction.  However, after years of writing legal decisions and opinions, I have lost my creativity.   I want to rekindle that interest.  I will write a novel or memoir in 2019!  

Third, whether I’m moving or staying put, I need to start occupying my time with volunteering or a part-time job.  I’ve been reluctant to do anything because I want to move.  The worst thing is to find a job/volunteer position only to leave two months later. I have been there, done that. I have contacted one nonprofit to volunteer and met with the owner.  I am also looking at two other nonprofits who need volunteers.

Finally, I need to get healthier.  Last year, I gained 15 pounds in menopause.  I also feel extremely run down.  I had lab work and am seeing a doctor in a few weeks.


I am a 50-something retired woman, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. This blog addresses the budgetary challenges and other concerns of "young" retirees. We are an overlooked group: too old to be considered middle-aged and too young to be called senior citizens.

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