Exploring Working Overseas

Information about exploring working overseas is coming soon!  For now, check out the resources below:

Interim Programs
Learn a new skill for free

HelpX –  an online listing of host organic and non-organic farms, farm stays,  homestays, etc..  They invite volunteers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation.

One way some expats travel and volunteer is through VSO. This appears to be an interesting option if you are a professional (doctor, engineer, teacher., etc.).  Some retirees on Facebook said they volunteered for a year with VSO.

Digital Nomad

Many expats work as digital nomads.  According to Wikipedia:  digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their lives in a nomadic manner.  They often work remotely from foreign countries using wireless-enabled devices.   Successful digital nomads typically have a financial cushion.  Digital nomads include refugees, affluent people, younger people, and entrepreneurs.  People who become digital nomads often do so for financial independence and location independence.  Negative factors include a lack of amount of full-time employment, political unrest, and a high cost of living in their country of origin.

I recently read a blog discussing overcoming obstacles to becoming a digital nomad, with a discussion of how much it costs to live in various cities around the world.

Teaching English

Oxford Seminars – very expensive, but in person training in many cities

i-to-i TEFL Courses online training

The question that I had was whether being 50+ is too old to teach overseas.  I downloaded a guide to provide some guidance on age restrictions in various countries. I also emailed Felicia at International TEFL Academy regarding my concerns about being an older person of color who wanted to teach English overseas.  She indicated there were many teachers in their 50s and 60s who teach online or abroad.  However, she wrote discrimination may be an issue, but not one that could not be overcome.

Mail Delivery when Spending an Extended Amount of Time Outside the US

Unless you are in a country with a good mail delivery system, getting U.S. mail will pose a problem.  In the past, I had mail forwarded to family members.  They who would alert me of anything I needed to address.  However, if you don’t have family members or prefer to keep your business private, there are two mail services I read about that nomads tend to use:

Earth Class Mail — they scan your mail and, through their online interface, you can tell them what you want them to do with it (trash it, forward it to yourself or a family member, view the scanned image, etc.).  It appears oriented to businesses.

St Brendan’s Isle – This service got great reviews from online forums.  It is affordable and is geared towards travelers, cruisers, RV-ers, and expats.


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